Netflix and FiOS

I finally got bitten by this tiff between residential and commercial ISPs. I have a 50/25 plan through FiOS and I see great speeds for almost anything. I can regularly push 50/25 on download/uploads to my own private servers for a sustained period of time. But last night while I was trying to watch House of Cards I was getting < 1mbps to Netflix. I did some digging and some tinkering (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S to set buffer) and managed to wait it out to let it buffer enough so I could enjoy the show in HD instead of Realplayer-esq  video quality. But I shouldn’t have had to do that. I ran several speed tests to and and they came up with the 50/25 number. I tested my private servers and was up there as well with my speed so what the heck is happening? Since I eventually got it working by changing the buffers I didn’t get  chance to test with a VPN. But tonight if I hit this same issue I will be testing with a VPN to see if I can get around some blockages between Verizon and Netflix’s providers.

The whole thing leaves a terrible taste in my mouth though. For one, FiOS should allow me 50/25 throughout the internet to all its links to the global internet. If something is congested it should upgrade the lines to support the additional bandwidth and should work its ass off to provide me the 50/25 speeds I pay for. But from what I’ve read they don’t upgrade these links unless they get money from the other party for connecting me to them. They should only be concerned about my service quality to the open internet and not try to grab some extra cash on the other end because they promised me 50/25 and I want to use the damn 50/25. At least with DSL we had some options with ISPs so if one throttled you could switch. The FCC needs to force cable companies to share their fiber lines or municipalities need to run their own and provide the infrastructure for competition. It will only get worse before it gets better.

Update 3/17: Tried with Witopia and it buffered HD in about 30 seconds. The same episode without Witopia didn’t buffer within 3 minutes and didn’t even attempt to buffer HD. So, it looks like something is going on before FiOS and Netflix that can be routed around with a VPN. So if Verizon and Cogent or whomever got together and upgraded their interconnects we wouldn’t have this problem and the internet would be a happy place again.

Also, for disclosure. I own some shares of Netflix stock at the time of this writing.

Update 3/19: I just got back from a trip to San Diego. While there I tethered to my Nexus 5 on T-Mobile and watched some Netflix. Within a couple of seconds I had an HD stream. I’m watching Netflix right now but had to resort to Witopia. I tried to force a buffer of 3000 but it just kept buffering. I connected to Witopia and within seconds it had the HD stream. This is just crazy.

Update 3/20: I just read this article and it does provide more insight. So its hard to be angry now at Verizon, except that I pay them for 50/25 speeds, and because of some agreements with peers I don’t get that for every site I access. I’d rather blame the companies that don’t look out for their customers best interests. Possibly Netflix for peering with Cogent, possibly Cogent for not providing Netflix with what they paid for, or Verizon for not offering me a better deal when wholesale bandwidth is so cheap. What I’d really like to see is more competition in the consumer ISP space to really see what happens with different providers. I imagine some might care more about their customers than their annual profits to shareholders and those will likely win. But, to promote competition the Government should really run the infrastructure and lease it out to companies to provide the service. I want 4 fiber lines in my home and all my neighbors homes so we can stick with Verizon or Comcast or Bob’s ISP down the street because its what we see as good service at a good price instead of Verizon paying tons of money to lock in a deal with my city and paying a ton of money to run infrastructure and just raking in the dough.

Witopia and DD-WRT

If you’re interested in setting up Witopia on a DD-WRT router I found a few guides that seem to work well. You’ll need a personalvpn pro account for this to work. To make your life easier and support this awesome VPN service you really should get their buffalo router, I may order one and post up a review soon. Searching around you find a few guides but not all of them work completely so I’ll post some notes and details here to supplant them.

BIG DISCLAIMER: This is against the ToS of Witopia and you really should buy their router as it’ll save you a big headache and will likely perform better unless you have a kick ass router.

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Everyone should be a hedge fund manager!

Carried interest allows hedge fund managers to pay a 15% tax rate on their incomes. Why can’t us chumps get that same deal? Obama mentioned removing it during his campaign, another broken promise.

Update: I really think that 15% if you run a small hedge fund is fine! But if you’re making over 150k a year you should pay 45% on the income derived after 150k a year. That’s just excessive.

Rundown of Affordable Care act (I.e. Obamacare/National Romneycare)

I came across this post on reddit today that explains the act very well. This post is broken into two parts. First is just a conversation about the general idea, the second which is after the fold (more) contains a better rundown which is quite clear.

Bob: Hi, insurance company. I’d like to buy some health insurance.

Insurance company: No. You had cancer when you were 3 years old, and the cancer could come back. We’re not selling you health insurance.

Bob: It’s not my fault I got cancer when I was three! Besides, that was years ago!

Insurance company: If we sell insurance to you, we’ll probably lose money, and we’re not doing it.

Bob: But I need insurance more than anyone! My cancer might come back!

Insurance company: We don’t care. We’re not selling you insurance.

Obama: Hey, that’s totally not fair. Bob is right, he does need insurance! Sell Bob some insurance.

Insurance company: If we have to, I guess.

Mary: This is cool. Obama said the insurance company has to sell insurance to anyone who needs it.

Sam: Hey, I have an idea. I’m going to stop paying for health insurance. If I get sick, I can always go buy some insurance then. The insurance company won’t be able to say no, because Obama’s told them they have to sell it to anyone who needs it!

Dave: that’s a great idea! I’m not paying for health insurance either, at least not until I get sick.

Insurance company: Hey! If everyone stops paying for insurance, we’ll go bankrupt!

Obama: Oh come on Sam and Dave, that’s not fair either.

Dave: I don’t care. It saves me money.

Obama: Oh for god’s sake. Sam, Dave, you have to keep paying for health insurance, and not wait until you’re sick. You too, Mary and Bob.

Mary: But I’m broke! I can’t buy insurance! I just don’t have any money.

Obama: Mary, show me your piggy bank. Oh, wow, you really are broke. Ok, tell you what. You still have to buy insurance, but I’ll help you pay 95% of the cost.

Mary: thank you.

Obama: I need an aspirin.

Insurance company: We’re not paying for that aspirin.

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First Post

I’ve decided to ditch my old site and come up with this new one. I’ll be blogging from time to time here on technology, programming, finance, and the kitchen sink. I hope you enjoy, please comment and leave a message. Be as loud as you’d like, this is the internet.